Andreij Albar

Tekken Player - Playbook Esports Team

Hi, my name is Andreij Albar. I am a professional Tekken player from the Philippines, my in-game name is Doujin, and I am part of Playbook Esports Team. My highest achievement in my career is when I won the International Esport Federation 2017 in South Korea, Busan. I also play a lot of different games; I am a gamer by blood. I am also a Sneakerhead myself.

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Founded in October 2018 by Malou Perez, Pawssion Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of dogs in distress. Pawssion Project began in Bacolod, armed simply with a lot of hope, courage and the unwavering support of a few good friends. After that first pound rescue, numerous reports poured in one after another, which eventually led to the opening of a second shelter in Bulacan in mid 2019. Since then, the journey has led Pawssion Project to more than 500 rescues, and thankfully over 100 rehomed dogs.