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Frequently Asked Questions for Talents

Last Updated: January 13, 2021

FAQ for Talent & Interested Talent

Q: Why should I join the Shawtout?

A: Why not? You can earn money in your downtime or raise money for a charity! You’re simply providing your fans with personalized, unforgettable moments that inspire and enable them to feel connected to you.

Q: How do I create a Shawtout account as Talent?

A: You can request to join the Shawtout Marketplace here. Please see our Talent Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for additional information.

Q: Why do I need to share my contact details with Shawtout?

A: All of our talent will have access to a Talent Concierge Manager at Shawtout—we need to make sure we can reach you, so you get the best possible Shawtout experience! While you share your contact information with us, we do not share it with your fans. Please see our Privacy Policy for additional information.

Q: How is talent’s price for a Shawtout video determined?

A: Each talent sets their own price and can change it at any time! All talent is on the exact same revenue split — 75% to talent, 25% to us. In order to be fair to all our talent, this is a non-negotiable split.

Q: How do I get paid?

A: Once your talent profile is approved, banking can be set up with your assigned Talent Concierge Manager and your earnings will be deposited in your account once a month, unless otherwise specified.

Q: How much time does it take to record a Shawtout video?

A: At minimum, it takes about 30 seconds, but there is no time limit so it’s completely up to you! You can also pause your Shawtout account if you are travelling or busy!

Q: Can I choose which Shawtout videos I complete?

A: Yes — you can accept or decline any request. If you have any questions about any request, you can contact your talent relations partner or [email protected]

Q: Can I bring other talents onto the Shawtout?

A: Yes — we have a Talent Referral Program where you can receive 5% of the first six months of earnings (taken out of Shawtout’s cut) of Talent you refer to Shawtout! See Talent Terms of Service for additional details. 

Q: Where can I find Shawtout’s Talent Terms of Service?

A: You can find our Talent Terms of Service here.

Shawtout for Business Videos

Q: What is the difference between a Shawtout for Business video and a personal Shawtout video?

A: Shawtout for Business videos can be used to greet a company/organization/product on the company’s website and Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok and Twitter accounts. You can see the terms specific to Shawtout for Business here. A personal Shawtout video can be used only for personal, non-promotional, and non-commercial use.

Q: How can Shawtout for Business videos be used?

A:Shawtout for Business videos can be used on the company’s own website and the company’s “official” Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok and Twitter social media channels/pages.

Q: What are some benefits to completing Shawtout for Business requests?

A: Shawtout for Business allows for you to complete Shawtouts at a higher price point which means a new meaningful revenue stream!

Q: What are some common examples of Shawtout for Business requests?

A: Some examples include offering someone a job at a new company, congratulating the company on their new product, telling someone about their sale or promotion, the list goes on! Talents have had a blast completing them, not to mention the extra ₱₱₱ in your pocket per request.

Q: What if I don’t want to complete a Shawtout for Business request?

A: Just like your personal Shawtout requests, you can decline any Shawtout for Business request that comes through! If you need more information about a request, or need the customer to tweak the request you can always let us know and we’ll relay the message accordingly.

Q: How do I determine my Shawtout for Business price?

A: We recommend pricing yourself 4-5x more than your personal price depending on how many Shawtout for Business requests you wish to receive!

Q: What if a customer books me at my personal Shawtout price?

A: If a customer books you for a Shawtout for Business at your Personal Shawtout price, feel free to decline the request and we will ask them to book you at you Shawtout for Business price!

Q: What if I need more information about a Shawtout for Business request?

A: Reach out to us directly! We can ask them any questions about the request before you complete it. 

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