Christmas is near and so is the official showing of MMFF movies. If you want an unconventional theme for this year, you might want to watch “My Father, Myself”.

This is not the typical family, horror or comedy themed movie that is always on the list of films on Metro Manila Film Fest.

Image from Lakwatsera Lovers’ Instagram

The film revolves around the couple with a daughter and an adopted son whose biological father is deceased best friend and former lover of the husband. Conflict ensues as the husband becomes sexually attracted to the teenage adopted son while the adopted son impregnates his stepsister. Daring theme, indeed!

My Father, Myself is directed by Joel Lamangan and produced under Mentorque Entertainment and 3:16 Media Network.

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Image from Lakwatsera Lovers’ Instagram


Image from Lakwatsera Lovers’ Instagram

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