The Miss Universe Philippines 2023 pageant is one of the most highly anticipated events in the country’s beauty industry. As the Philippines has a long history of producing world-class beauty queens, the competition is expected to be tough and exciting.

The delegates of Miss Universe Philippines 2023

Here are the list of the delegates for this year:

  • Airissh Ramos
  • Alexandria Bautista Bollier
  • Avery Mariane Sucgang
  • Breanna Marie Evans
  • Christine Joyce Salcedo
  • Christiana Afia Yeboah
  • Chloei Darl Gabales
  • Christine Juliane Opiaza
  • Clariele Dacanay
  • Clare Sanchez Inso
  • Diane Mae Refugio
  • Dianne C. Padillo
  • Emmanuelle Fabienne Camcam
  • Evangeline Fuentes
  • Hyra Desiree Betito
  • Iman Franchesca Cristal
  • Jan Mari Bordon
  • Jannarie Zarzoso
  • Joemay-an Leo
  • Kali Navea-Huff
  • Karen Joyce Olfato
  • Kimberlyn Jane Acob
  • Kimberly Escartin
  • Krishnah Marie Gravidez
  • Klyza Castro
  • Laicka Implamado
  • Layla Adriatico
  • Lesly Joy Sim
  • Louise Joy Gallardo
  • Mary Angelique Manto
  • Mary Eileen Palencia Gonzales
  • Michelle Dee
  • Nikki Justine Breedveld
  • Pauline Amelinckx
  • Princess Anne Marcos
  • Rein Hillary Carrascal
  • Samantha Alexandra Panlilio
  • Shayne Glenmae Maquiran
  • Vanessa Tse Wing
  • Vanessa Matzeit

Do you wanna know which of the delagates are on Shawtout? Get a chance to have a video message from them! Here they are:


Get a video message from Klyza Castro here


Get a video message from Iman Franchesca Cristal here

The Miss Universe Philippines 2023 pageant is still a few months away, but the excitement is already building. With its grand stage, beautiful contestants, tough competition, celebrity judges, and platform for empowerment, the pageant promises to be a memorable event that celebrates the beauty and diversity of Filipinas.