After the coronation night, the football player, Mathew Custodio, posted on Instagram how proud he is to his girlfriend.

Image from Mathew’s Instagram

This is the message of Mathew posted on his Instagram with the photo of the announcement of Miss Universe Philippines 2022.

“My Queen. April 30, 2022. An evening we will cherish forever!! To see you with the Crown on that stage gave us all extreme chills.. you were stunning! On behalf of everyone else that had known her before she began the official journey for the Miss Universe; we’ve always known she was bound for the Crown. We’ve seen her GROW, we’ve seen her inspire the people she meets not just by words & actions.. BUT by simply carrying her values, her upbringing., she keeps her feet on the ground., she stands consistently true on honesty, loyalty, and perseverance. As crazy as this may sound, we’ve witnessed the Universe align towards you. You are a magical human being and you were raised to do GOOD things. You didn’t have to be a panelist nor a front row judge to see that she possesses the attributes of a true, regal Queen.

On a personal level, I feel very blessed to be loved by you. Like a mother’s love, your love is a constant reminder that there is a greater meaning & purpose in our lives. I cannot wait for our country & the whole world to feel the love you are about to share. It needs it”

Celeste Cortesi replied by saying, “Awww I cried ahahah! Thank you boo, thank you for your support and patience. This is just the beginning.”

Now that is one boyfriend goals!

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