Another travel goals with one of our stars, Kris Bernal!

Kris Bernal went to Europe with her husband and had best time

Here are some photos for you to check out:

Image from Kris Bernal’s Instagram

Kris Bernal visited the great Switzerland. She posted this photo above with the caption:

“First Destination: Switzerland🇨🇭

We made our way to the Panaroma bridge where Captain Ri had met Yoo Seri by accident and took a picture of him with his then fiancé, Seo-dan. Episode 4, #CLOY fans! 😉

We traveled to Lucern, Switzerland, after touring some of CLOY’s filming locations, to see some of the city’s famous tourist attractions. 🦁 My husband has kengkoy versions of my photos all the time. 🙄

P.S. I’ll just share more about my ultimage CLOY experience on my YT channel once I find time to upload and edit them. ✌🏼 #CrashLandingOnYou

Image from Kris Bernal’s Instagram

Kris Bernal visited the Netherlands. She posted this photo with the caption below.

“Second destination: Netherlands 🇳🇱

Amsterdam conjures up images of tulips, canals, windmills, apple pies, cannabis, brothels, Anne Frank, and artists, such as Rembrandt and Van Gogh, and yes, cyclists. 🚴

The Dutch are bike mad and often in a very aggressive “we own the path” manner – Ilang beses akong muntik mabangga. 🤣

On my first trip to Amsterdam in 2013, I met some Filipinos. I accidentally bumped into them on the bus this time. 🙆🏻‍♀️ Pinagtagpo at tinadhana!! Thank you, @vhiellah@lavie04@azaleahvan, for showing my husband and me around Amsterdam and taking such good care of us!! 🤍”

More Europe travels for you, Kris!

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