PIE or Pinoy Interactive Entertainment is launching an engaging hybrid narrative-reality show, The Chosen One.

Image from ABS CBN Newsroom

The show is hosted by Melai Cantiveros and Jhong Hilario and directed by Topel Lee.

With this show, the viewers can choose the story and determine which cast stays until the end by voting. A prize of ₱1,000 will also be given to 5 lucky viewers weekly.

For its first episode, the show will be a thriller series about a group of young adults signing up to a networking scheme fronted by Miss Jane (Melai Cantiveros). But soon, they’ll never expect what’s gonna happen as their ambition could cause their lives.

The cast of the show are Kaila Estrada (Charlie), Andi Abaya (Rachel), Amanda Zamora (Julie), Dustin Mayores (Jason), Gabb Skribikin (Cheska), Kobie Brown (Peter) Luke Alford (Kiko), Maxine Trinidad (Emma), Rob Blackburn (Joe), Seham Daghlas (Paula) and Zach Guerrero (Mike). They will act as players in the show or the characters that will be voted by viewers.

Episodes will be aired every Saturday at 8 PM. It will feature the live episode where Melai and Jhong will critic the cast and they will show the standing based on viewer’s votes.

Interesting right? Watch out for this!

Did you know you can get a video greeting from the some of the cast of The Chosen One? Request here.